Planning A Reunion? We Can Help!


Planning a high school reunion can be hard. Luckily, we at the BCCHS Alumni Association can help. We also do tours of the high school for groups of 20 or more. Use the contact us section and someone will reach out to assist you. Here are some tips to help you plan an excellent reunion.


Step 1 - Find Your Classmates


The first (and arguably most important) step to planning a reunion is finding your classmates. Start with social media and professional networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.


Create a group for your graduating class on Facebook (if one doesn’t already exist), and spread the word. You can also find and contact fellow university alums on LinkedIn by clicking on “Find Alumni” in the “Connections” tab.


Once your classmates are in one virtual place, you can send out important updates -- like "Save the Dates" and ticket sale announcements.


Step 2 - Pick A Date


Once you’ve started assembling your classmates, work on securing a date. Reunion turnouts depend on your classmates’ availability, so get on their calendars early. We recommend using an online survey tool -- like Survey Monkey, Google Forms, or Doodle -- to ask which dates work best.


Step 3 - Form A Committee


It’s all about teamwork. So reconnect with former classmates, and assign them roles based on their strengths and interests, such as:

  • The Chair: The person making sure the train stays on the rails.

  • The Treasurer: That person who loves tracking expenses.

  • The Promoter: The person you can trust to get the word out.

  • The Producer: The punctual, “make it happen” person.


Step 4 - Set Goals and Timelines


Think about which channels you want to use, such as Facebook or email, and then create a calendar where you can plan out your promotions. Keep in mind that people will likely procrastinate, so do what you can to build the hype early and get commitment from your classmates.


Step 5 - Host Your Event


Regardless of how formal your high school reunion is, be sure to set up a check-in table or greeter. People like to be welcomed rather than wander inside looking lost. It’s also your chance to keep attendance, re-introduce yourself, and let your guests know where the food and drinks are located.


While your classmates may never forget a face, they will inevitably forget a name.  So, help them out with nametags at the check-in table. Pre-print them directly through Eventbrite or have your guests make their own.


Step 6 - Say A Few Words


Chances are, a few of your classmates overcame a bit of anxiety and/or traveled a ways to attend the high school reunion.  It’s only appropriate to say a few words and thank everyone for attending. The key is keeping it short; no one came to the reunion to hear a long, drawn-out speech.  And if public speaking isn’t your thing, delegate it to someone else. Or, simply raise a glass, say thanks for coming, and get back to celebrating.


Stay connected and don't forget to have fun!